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Cannabis Reduces Fibromyalgia Pain

Researchers Find Cannabis Reduces Fibromyalgia Pain

Cannabis could be a treatment option for fibromyalgia, one of the most common chronic pain conditions in the world, according to a new Israeli study.

Characterised by widespread musculoskeletal aching, fatigue, poor sleep quality, and cognitive difficulties, fibromyalgia has no specific causes and no known cure, but a prospective observational study, “Safety and Efficacy of Medical Cannabis in Fibromyalgia,” has given fibromyalgia patients some hope. The researchers found significant improvement in pain intensity and fibromyalgia‐related symptoms among patients after six months of medical cannabis therapy.

The study, which involved 367 fibromyalgia patients, found:

  • 81.1% reported overall treatment success;
  • 73.4% reported improved sleep;
  • 80.8% reported improved depression‐related symptoms; and
  • 61.9% reported improved “quality of life” components including appetite and sexual activity.

“Our data indicates that medical cannabis could be a promising therapeutic option for the treatment of fibromyalgia, especially for those who failed on standard pharmacological therapies. We show that medical cannabis is effective and safe when titrated slowly and gradually,” concluded the study, published in June 2019 in the Journal of Clinical Medicine.

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