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What is this website?

weed.nz does NOT sell, distribute, condone or handle cannabis or paraphernalia in any way shape or form. This website is purely educational and is designed to supplement information that may not be available through traditional sources in New Zealand.

This website is both infotainment and educational and does not represent any official government agencies or bodies in New Zealand.

All views expressed on this website are those of the original content creators. weed.nz is a non-profit media website with a core focus on minimizing any potential harm whilst informing cannabis users where to find information regarding the law, health and safety.

This website is not designed to promote the use of any illegal substances. Cannabis is illegal in New Zealand and there are strict penalties for growing, distribution and possession.

Please ensure you understand the law. Cannabis, Weed or Marijuana is NOT legal. Please use the appropriate links to NZ Police, Ministry of Health and related agencies for more information.

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