Digitising for Sustainability with Webtools Agriculture

Webtools Agriculture is a diverse team of tech enthusiasts and developers who provide tech consulting, custom software development, and off-the-shelf solutions. The NZHIA have been working with Webtools and SFF Futures on the Digitise for Sustainability project to help Hemp Growers, Contractors and Merchants.

Webtools have created technology to help companies succeed in the highly regulated hemp industry with the creation of the “Hemp Licence Application Tool”.

With the Hemp Licence Application Tool, you can make licensing and compliance quicker and easier and be part of creating a digital future for the industry.

  • Prepare, submit and record your hemp licence applications digitally.
  • Manage your licences digitally; including annual reporting, reminders and notifications, renewals and changes.
  • Generate and send the MoH-required documentation – all in one place.
  • Share admin and collaborate on Applications and Annual Reports simply and easily – no more chasing emails.
  • Exchange licence details easily and securely, and keep a record of everyone you’ve shared each licence with in a single location

The app is still in its prototype stage, however please sign up to receive development updates and invitations to test and provide feedback here: https://share.hsforms.com/19i-wGlp1TNajK_hxepxb4w2polp

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