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marijuana improves sleep

84% In US Survey Say Marijuana Improves Sleep

In the United States, marijuana is becoming increasingly legalized and normalized, with 86 percent of Americans citing its perceived medical benefits as the best reason for its decriminalization.

A peer-reviewed survey published Tuesday in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs found that there’s popular belief that marijuana use results in better sleep and pain reduction. The researchers showed that people who use marijuana for those two reasons found the drug helped.

The survey found that 74 percent of the 1,000 people interviewed in the survey bought marijuana to help them sleep; 84 percent of whom said the marijuana had helped them. Over 83 percent said that they had since reduced or stopped taking sleep aids.

Study co-author Gwen Wurm, M.D., an assistant professor of clinical pediatrics at the University of Miami, tells Inverse that she was motivated to pursue this research by the numerous anecdotal reports of individuals going to dispensaries to get marijuana to treat insomnia, pain, and other conditions.

Wurm’s intention was to build an understanding of the varied population that uses cannabis, as well as the varied intentions of users.

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