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November 2019
In this issue:

  • The New NZHIA Website
  • iHemp Summit and Expo – 4-6 June 2020, Rotorua
  • Whakamana, Cannabis Institute For Education, Research and Development – Equity crowd funding opportunity
  • Events – National and International 

The new NZ Hemp industries Association Inc, website has been upgraded

You can now search for Hemp companies on the public facing Directory page, and members have access to Members Resources and can now network with other members by location and by areas of interest . Check it out at

iHemp Summit is back for 2020 alongside our first iHemp Expo!

Save the date: 4th – 6th June 2020, Rotorua. 

A lot has happened since 2018.  Come along to hear, network and meet with people working in the industry, learn from their experience and get your questions answered. Be part of the discussion around the road map and strategic direction for the emerging iHemp Industry in Aotearoa/New Zealand. 

Starting with a Welcome Reception on the 4th, followed by two full Conference and Expo days, and a public Open Day on Saturday 6th June 2020.

Join the conversation! Find out how you can be a part of this emerging and innovative industry.

Interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at the 2020 Expo? Contact for more information.

To register for the 2020 iHemp summit click here.

Whakamana, Cannabis Institute For Education, Research and Development

Hi Everyone
I’m excited to be sharing a letter from Michael Mayell one of last year’s iHemp summit speakers and sponsors. Michael and Abe Grey met at our first Wellington summit and they have been very busy working together on a Cannabis Institute for New Zealand. Here is something from them that I think you will all be very interested in….
Richard Barge (NZHIA Chairman)

Dear Hempsters and those interested in the industry,  
That first summit last July in Wellington when Abe Grey and I met for the first time, I discovered that NZ had a Cannabis Museum called Whakamana, and Abe and I agreed that we needed to bring cannabis education out of the closet.
The NZ Institute of Cannabis Education, Research and Development, Whakamana, will be the centre of excellence for everything cannabis. Next week we are launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on Pledge-me, and we would very much like for you to join us on this mission to help Kiwi’s become the most cannabis literate people on the planet, and for hemp to be the future of a carbon negative New Zealand primary industry. 
Whakamana (fah-kah-mah-nah) means “to restore the mana of” and quite simply, that’s the goal.
Our plans are ambitious. We have secured a lease (subject to raising the funds on Pledge-me) on two of Christchurch’s oldest and most iconic buildings – a beautiful former church called Trinity, and another 158 year old building known as Shands Emporium. Both buildings were severely damaged in the Canterbury earthquakes more than eight years ago, and Shands has been lovingly restored by the Christchurch Historic Trust however there is significant work still needed to bring Trinity back to its former glory.
During the day, Trinity will be a world-class interactive cannabis museum where visitors will learn the incredibly beautiful and unbelievably ugly history of the world’s most vilified and versatile vegetable. In the evening, the museum morphs into a university for 3 hours of cannabis education. Live streaming via our App will enable the curious across the world to tune into Cannabis Matters, our nightly re-education programme. Then at 9pm the music starts and Trinity, with its outstanding acoustics, becomes a plant-medicine shot bar and (alcohol-free) nightclub.
Meanwhile Shands will nourish patrons with delicious hemp and plant-based local and spray free meals snacks and drinks, and depending upon the result of next year’s cannabis referendum, a Cannabis Dispensary will hopefully grace the front two rooms of this iconic space.
Now to the opportunity and the request. Our crowd funding campaign begins on November 12th, and we invite you (and or your company) to join Abe and me as shareholders, and to help get the message out to the cannabis-hemp-medical marijuana communities, so we can raise at least $1m and hopefully the $2million maximum. We’d love to acquire 10,600 shareholders which would make us bigger than Fonterra – now that’s aspirational! And we really need your support and networks to make it happen.
We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to invest early so; before midday on Monday 11th, Richard will send you the PledgeMe code that gives you early access to become the first to invest in Whakamana.  Only 24 hours later our PledgeMe campaign goes live to the public so please be in early and help get this campaign off to a great start…
For more information please see our website where you can also sign up to the Whakamana Newsletters and this way ensure you receive the special PledgeMe code for early investors on Monday.
Thanks for your support and help bringing Cannabis back from the dark ages,
Michael and Abe
and The Whakamana Crew
P.S.  For those of you making Hemp Products – we are building a display of NZ made Hemp products and we’d love to have some of yours on display in our boutique museum in Shands – please send some samples to; Samantha Mayell Whakamana 217 Manchester Street Christchurch 8011  OR contact Samantha on 021 879622 or 
Michael Mayell   +64 21 393023
Abe Grey                 +64 27 771 7332 


Join the NZHIA for more information and support for your hemp enterprise, together we stand! 

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