MoH moves to reduce deaths, with cannabis – The Hemp Foundation

Last year over 150 Australians and New Zealanders died from Lyrica, a common synthetic pain killer from drug giant Pfizer, while zero people died from cannabis.

From today, the giant funded opioid market faces its first brush with competition from cannabis as a medicine.

In the USA cannabis is an ‘essential service’ in COVID-19. In Canada, cannabis is a recognised painkiller, and is expected to become second line treatment according to Canadian specialist Dr Michael Verbora.

NZ Doctors can now prescribe ANY approved cannabis product to ANY patient, for ANY condition, thanks to the 2019 Medical Cannabis Regulations coming into force today, on April fools day 2020.

Unfortunately the Doctor may not have a choice of product for you, unless the MoH approves any more THC products, patients will be stuck with one single and expensive choice.

“I have faith in the Ministry of Health. Lets see how implementation goes. Hopefully THC products from kiwi companies like MedLeaf, Rua BioSciences and Helius Therapeutics will be approved quickly.” Says Tadhg Stopford of the Hemp foundation. “Unlike most medicines, no one has ever died from cannabis toxicity” says Dr Ben Jansen.

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