Make It Legal Campaign welcomes Chief Science Advisor to the referendum debate

The MakeItLegal campaign has today welcomed the website on cannabis legalisation from the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor.

“It is essential that people have reliable and factual information to help them decide how to vote in the cannabis referendum” says MakeItLegal spokeswoman Sandra Murray.

“The benefits of cannabis legalisation are pretty clear and the evidence is consistent, although there remains a lot of confusion among the public. Some of this confusion has been deliberately created to sow fear. Having an independent and impartial guide to what the evidence says will help New Zealanders to make up their own minds”

“Most of us agree about the basics. We want to make it harder for young people to get hold of cannabis. We want those few people who do experience problems as a result of their cannabis use to get help, not a criminal record. We want adults to be able to make their own decisions, as long as they are not hurting others. This report reinforces that a ‘yes’ vote in the referendum is the best way to achieve all three outcomes”

“Some of those campaigning to keep prohibition seem to intensely dislike people who enjoy cannabis for some reason. We hope that this website helps move us towards a more adult debate. This is not about what you think of cannabis, or how you think other people should live their lives. It’s about the right regulatory framework for a substance that a majority of New Zealanders have used.”

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