Make it Legal campaign encouraged by poll result

“The Make It Legal campaign is encouraged by the latest poll result” says spokesperson Sandra Murray. “It shows that support for a yes vote in the referendum on cannabis control is growing”.

A Horizon Research survey of nearly 1600 Kiwis released today shows 59% support for the cannabis referendum, increased from 54% in the last poll held in February 2020.

“This poll was taken before the campaign really started to pick up so it’s a great result. It shows that support is growing and by the time people come to vote we expect the YES vote to hold a commanding lead”

“What we have found is that the more people know about what the bill actually does, the more they tend to support it. Its common sense that introducing an R20 age limit will reduce underage use, while recognising that most people who enjoy cannabis do so without any problems.”

“Prohibitionists are finding it harder and harder to justify leaving control of cannabis in the hands of a criminal underworld. It increases underage use, it puts people at risk and it puts floods of untaxed money through the illegal market.

“Regulating the market protects us all. It protects young people by reducing underage use. It protects those hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders who enjoy cannabis from criminal conviction. It protects the small number of people who do have problems by funding better addiction and treatment services”

“At the end of the day this is about values” said Ms Murray. “It’s about fairness. It’s about justice. It’s about pragmatism. It’s about adult choice. It’s Kiwi as”

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