How views have moved on euthanasia and cannabis – Crothers

Professor Emeritus of Sociology Charles Crothers has compiled the existing data on New Zealanders’ attitudes to euthanasia and cannabis going back decades.

The upcoming general election is unusual for including referenda on both issues. There is a long history of polling public attitudes on them in New Zealand.

Survey (and other social research) Data Related to the Forthcoming Referenda on Euthanasia and Cannabis summarises the surveys to date.

“These two moral issues stand out as the key moral issues of the day,” Professor Emeritus Crothers says.

“Euthanasia and cannabis have spurred considerable survey research activity, with some 30 polls focusing on the first, and 45 or so in the second, since the turn of the millennium.

“The two issues have been dissimilar in that views on euthanasia have been broadly constant over time whereas those on cannabis have shown more volatility.”

The “research note” is designed to be of use to journalists and other researchers. It can be downloaded from The Policy Observatory website
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