How to get a CBD Oil Prescription in 2021

Are you thinking about getting a prescription for CBD oil? Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. In this article, I will cover many important questions you may be wanting to ask – Do you need a prescription for CBD oil? How much does it cost? And more!

Do You Need a CBD Oil Prescription in NZ?

Yes, CBD oil is a prescription-only medicine in NZ. This means the only way for you to legally obtain CBD oil is to have it prescribed by a doctor. Overseas you can buy CBD oil off the counter, but this is not the case yet in NZ. Having it prescribed by a doctor ensures you are receiving high quality and accurate medical advice.

There are products available internationally that claim to be pure CBD products, but in fact contain much less or much more CBD than they state. We are very lucky here in NZ that all our products must meet quality requirements set out by the Ministry of Health, so you can be at ease that what you are using is medical-grade CBD oil and nothing else.

How To Get A Prescription for CBD In NZ?

1. Consult with your own doctor for a CBD prescription

One way to do this safely and legally, is to speak to your GP / doctor about this. It could go either way! Your GP will either be open-minded and willing to listen, or they might be unwilling to prescribe. If your GP is open-minded, you are in luck! Keep talking about it. Once your GP provides you with a CBD oil prescription you can take it to be filled at your local pharmacy.

The main challenge for patients from my experience is getting that script from your GP in the first place! You will find many doctors are either unwilling to write the prescription for CBD oil , or they are ill-informed about its use. It’s not surprising when you think about it, as we are never taught or trained about CBD oil or medicinal cannabis. Make sure before you have your GP appointment you read my article about how to ask your doctor for CBD Oil.

2. Consult with the Cannabis Clinic and see an experienced cannabis doctor

We exist to help those patients who have chronic and debilitating conditions, and whose previous treatments have not been effective. You are always welcome to consult with one of our doctors at the clinic to get advice about medicinal Cannabis and find out if using such products may be suitable for you.

We employ open minded and experienced doctors who can help you through such a decision. We also are able to help you navigate your choices when it comes to products available in the market as we know what is available. With this knowledge, we also try help you save money to bring the costs of the products down.

Simply fill out an online consultation request form and we will be in touch to arrange and make it happen.

CBD Prescription NZ Cost

The cost to get a CBD oil prescription is the cost of your doctor’s appointment. If you consult with us here at the Cannabis Clinic, our prices start at $79. However, the initial consultation is only part of the overall cost.

It is the cost of products that will also need to keep in mind. Remember, every time you need a new prescription, there is a fee to pay with your GP (or even another appointment). That can accumulate to several hundred dollars per year.

The products themselves (CBD oil) usually start at $150 and can go all the way to $500, depending on their strength. For most people, CBD oil costs around $5-8 per day to use on a moderate daily dose.

Luckily, we know that the cost of CBD oil is a huge factor and we have written an article about this specifically, showing you how to use the best products and save hundreds of dollars over the longer-term.

Do You Need A Hemp Oil Prescription in NZ?

No, hemp oil also known as hemp seed oil does not require a prescription in NZ. Hemp oil is not medicinal at all and is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. It is good as a dietary supplement for healthy fats or as a salad dressing and you can purchase it from your local supermarket.

What About a THC Prescription?

Yes, THC can also be legally prescribed by a GP in NZ. You can learn all about THC prescriptions and products here.


CBD oil is a prescription-only medication and any doctor can prescribe it, including your GP. If you are having difficulty getting a script, implement some of my top tips.

Don’t forget, we are the experts in CBD oil and medicinal cannabis in New Zealand and we consult with thousands of patients up and down the country. Consultations with us start at $79 and we allow you lifelong access to The Dispensary which means you have access to the largest range of CBD and cannabis products in NZ.

I hope you find this article useful. Share with us your story or recommendations, I would love to hear it!

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