Hemp Definitions – AHPA – New Zealand Hemp Industries Association

The AHPA has published a Hemp Lexicon which clarifies use of key botanical terms relevant to hemp.

View the AHPA Lexicon here

Setting standards within the industry

“The Lexicon will be a reference tool for the hemp industry as well as the federal, state, tribal, and other jurisdictions that oversee the hemp industry to provide guidance and encourage clear, consistent communication. The definitions in the Lexicon can also provide consumers with a common understanding of the diverse terms used in the description, marketing, and labeling of hemp products as well.

Where current hemp industry usage of specific terms for marketing purposes differs from the long-established botanical industry definitions, the Lexicon acknowledges those differences and recommends alternate terminology that may be integrated by the hemp industry as it matures. These alternate terms are provided with the long-term goals of achieving consistency within the industry and of establishing a common consumer understanding of hemp product labeling. AHPA strongly encourages the hemp industry to utilize terminology consistent with established botanical industry usage whenever possible.” – AHPA website

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