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Hemp burger: BurgerFuel takes eating green to a whole new level – Hemp New Zealand

BurgerFuel – Hemp Burger 


BurgerFuel New Zealand takes eating green to a whole new level today with the launch of a limited-edition hemp burger.

Called Electric Pūhā, the 100 per cent vegan hemp burger will be sold nationwide for one month from today, or while stocks last.

The burger contains hemp and broccoli bites, pūhā and cabbage kraut, avocado, hemp-seed-oil aoili and an organic hemp sourdough bun.

But in case you were worried, the hemp product wouldn’t be able to get you high – it’s harvested from a non-psychoactive variant of the cannabis plant.

Amended regulations which allowed hemp seed to be sold as food in New Zealand were imposed from November 12 last year.

The Ministry of Primary Industries keeps a close eye on hemp production to ensure illegal, high-THC cannabis was not produced.

Meanwhile, growing, possession and trade of the hemp seed requires a licence from the Ministry of Health.

The Electric Pūhā burger provides a natural way to consume iron, protein, iodine, zinc and omegas, a BurgerFuel spokeswoman said.

“Hemp seed is a versatile and sustainable superfood with an extensive list of health benefits,” she said.

“The pūhā and cabbage kraut adds to the distinctive taste and nutritional value of Electric Pūhā – a zesty probiotic blend of super greens, rich in vitamin A and K.

“The mix is made up of fermented cabbage, spinach, kale, seaweed and pūhā, an indigenous herb carefully selected for its properties, provenance and flavour profile.”

The burger was created to be enjoyed by all, from vegans to health-conscious consumers and all those in between, the spokeswoman said.

The hemp and broccoli bites which feature inside the burger will also be available for purchase from BurgerFuel.






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