Keep Up-To-Date Cannabis Related Developments in New Zealand

A plant needs roots in order to grow into the world. With humans it is the other way around: only when we expand our knowledge from learning do we grow roots to feel at home in the world.

We’re here to help you learn, to know who is doing what, to question the status quo, and embrace a healthier and better way of life.

CHANZ – Cannabis & Hemp Advisory New Zealand found its roots where knowledge, health and science meet.

This website is destination to empower you to learn more about medical cannabis and hemp. We are keeping track of all the latest developments in a fast-moving regulatory environment here in New Zealand, so you don’t have to and navigating the complex science and information so we can share this in an easy way for you to view and make an informed view.

CHANZ is determined to bring awareness, transparency, and integrity to the cannabis industry for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

We’re regularly publishing new content, so be sure to check back regularly!