NZCCP release information related to the cannabis legalisation and control referendum

The referendum about cannabis legalisation and control that is to be held with the upcoming general election clearly addresses a topic with large psychological and mental health dimensions.

The New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists has released a brief document discussing psychological aspects related to cannabis use and its legalisation. It has been prepared by College members with expertise in addictions and treatment of addictions.

“Our aim with this document is to provide a psychological perspective on issues related to cannabis legalisation and control rather than lobbying for a particular outcome to the referendum” states Malcolm Stewart, President of the NZ College of Clinical Psychologists.

“Use of cannabis can cause harm but the current situation also contributes to harm. Reform of this law is a complex balancing act. We hope that this document will provide information that will help people make well-informed decisions when they vote in this referendum.”

The document can be found at

The New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists is a professional organisation of over 1000 Clinical Psychologists and postgraduate clinical psychology students.

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