BurgerFuel – Super Green Smoothie with Hemp Seed Milk


Every modern-day superhero/ine needs the best super fuel to power them through the day. So, we’ve created our very first smoothie to give you that energy hit and it’s greener than Kryptonite. Kaitahi Super Green is a vessel full of all-natural ingredients with nutritional superpowers, all concocted to give you super human strength…and it’s super good.

BurgerFuel  blended velvety hemptation hemp seed milk™ from HempFarm, creamy coconut ice-cream and a Kaitahi superfood mix. Full of banana, golden kiwifruit and super greens including spinach, native kawakawa and pūhā.  

To name just a few of the health benefits that come from this A-lister line-up of nutritional stars; Hemp milk is lactose free, low in sugar and adds a KA-BOOM! of protein, fortified with marine calcium for bone health. The pūhā in the Kaitahi superfood mix will give you a ZAP! of vitamin A and C and a KA-POW! of folate. The medicinal properties of kawakawa provides a WHAM! of a mood boost. Not to mention linseed, chia and pumpkin seed making an appearance for a ZONK! of omega-3s. 

100% vegan, Kaitahi Super Green is for all walks of life, plus it comes in a commercially compostable cup – because not all heroes wear capes.  

Saving the world is exhausting – head to your nearest BurgerFuel to supercharge with this refreshing powerhouse of a smoothie.

Ingredients: 100% Vegan. Kaitahi Super Green is a blend of hemp seed milk, Kaitahi Drops, banana syrup, coconut ice cream and lime juice. Kaitahi Super Green Drops contain spinach, pūhā, gold kiwifruit, banana, ginger, kawakawa, lemon, linseed, pumpkin seed and chia seed.

Allergens:  Prepared in a facility that also handles: milk, egg, peanuts, shellfish and sulphites.





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